Nirmalikaran is organised at institutional level. The event compels the team to study their own campus in terms of water and sanitation infrastructure. The team has to analyse the situation with respect to the adequacy and give feasible solutions to the problem identified during the study. The team has to collect data related to water and sanitation and incorporate innovative solutions to reduce the water foot print of their campus.

Contact Details

Ms.Mrunal Karve : 8208710133 / 02025430061


Educational Institutes faces sanitation problems which includes lack of toilet facility, unhygienic toilet conditions, overflow of wastewater from septic tanks and many more. Because of unhygienic sanitation facilities it gives direct impact on students behavioural habits, less productivity in academics.

Eligibility criteria Age 18 years and above
Only one team per institute comprising of one professor and up to three students
Multiple entries are not allowed
Registration due date November 10th , 2017
Registration fee INR 1000 per entry + 180(GST 18%) = INR 1180
Mode of transaction Demand draft or RTGS/NEFT
Registration format The participants have to fill the registration form and send it to sanivation.wtd17@gmail.com
Only registered entries will be screened.
Due date for submitting the Sani Plan November 10th, 2017
Submission format The participants have to submit a summary of Sani Plan of not more than 3 pages in pdf format for the screening process. The Sani Plan needs to be submitted before the due date on sanivation.wtd17@gmail.com
Results of screening process November 15th, 2017
The Final Showdown November 18th, 2017