Photograph showcase the current situation without a word. Therefore, a photo story competition with a theme “Encounter with a public toilet”. The aim of this competition is to enable people to think about something which is usually ignored. Here the participants have to come up with a real or fictional story about a real public toilet through a range of ten photos only (no tag lines, description is allowed for the photo). The participants can use various tools and software to create a catchy story. It will be mandatory for each participant to geo tag the public toilet based on which they have created a story.

Contact Details

Ms.Mrunal Karve : 8208710133 / 02025430061


A public toilet plays a significant part in life of a common man. In India, where millions of people are still deprived of basic sanitation infrastructure, a public toilet is the only option available. However, there is significant lack of this public utility and is usually over stressed and dilapidated condition.

Eligibility criteria Age 18 years and above
An entry shall comprise of an individual or a team of 2 people
Multiple entries are not allowed
Registration due date November 10th , 2017
Registration fee INR 1000 per entry + 180(GST 18%) = INR 1180
Mode of transaction Demand draft or RTGS/NEFT
Registration format The participants have to fill the registration form and send it to sanivation.wtd17@gmail.com
Only registered entries will be screened.
Due date for submitting the photo story November 10th, 2017
Results of screening process November 15th, 2017
The Final Showcase November 18th, 2017