This public toilet design competition is organized to motivate the young minds to find out the best sustainable design for public toilet systems. The topic for competition is to design best public toilet with innovative management of the waste streams. The participants are expected to identify the problems in the public toilets and come up with innovation in designing of toilet. The basic requirement is one water closets with three urinals for men and two water closets for women; however, some additional features can be integrated if they bring innovation to the design.

Screening of the entries will be done prior to the event. For the purpose of the screening, the participants have to send the submissions in the form of drawings in pdf format along with the write up explaining the concept. During the screening process, criteria like design (small but functional as land availability is major concern), waste stream management systems, economic feasibility of the concept and O&M of the toilet will be seen.

The selected teams/individuals will get an opportunity to pitch in front of the panel. The participants need to have clarity of the numbers for they might require it during the pitch.

Contact Details

Ms.Mrunal Karve : 8208710133 / 02025430061


A public toilet plays a significant part in life of a common man. People traveling from one place to other requires sanitation facilities. It is necessary for the convenience of the public, at every public place (major bus stations and stops, petrol pumps, railway stations, citizen centres and major hot spots in the city) there should be at least one public toilet available, and that the facility should be kept functional and open for public use.

Under SBM (Urban), States and ULBs will ensure that a sufficient number of public toilets are constructed in each city. All prominent places within the city attracting floating population should be covered. Care should be taken to ensure that these facilities have adequate provision for men, women and facilities for the disabled wherever necessary.

Eligibility criteria Age 18 years and above
An entry shall comprise of an individual or a team of 2 people
Multiple entries are not allowed
Registration due date November 10th , 2017
Registration fee INR 1000 per entry + 180(GST 18%) = INR 1180
Mode of transaction RTGS/NEFT or cash
Registration format The participant has to fill the registration form and send it to sanivation.wtd17@gmail.com.
Only registered entries will be screened.
Due date for submitting the design November 10th, 2017
Submission format The participant has to submit a design along with the write up in pdf format for the screening process. The design needs to be submitted before the due date on sanivation.wtd17@gmail.com
Results of screening process November 15th, 2017
The Final Pitch! November 18th, 2017